Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting Back in the Game

Hello friends, sorry I left everyone hanging.  I have been overwhelmed with the little thing we call life and honestly was feeling a bit burned out. So, a little housekeeping to begin with; I have pared down my blog reading list and if you find it I am no longer following you please don’t take it to heart. I needed to remove blogs that don’t hold my personal interest, but you are still on my blog roll for others to find. I was spending so much time trying to read everyone’s blogs that I never had enough time to respond to anyone. I have also become weighed down in my creative process by the need to produce a blog full of pictures every week. Because of this there may be less pictures and less posts overall; I want to create when I feel the urge not because I think I should. Now on to the good stuff!

I have been blessed with a flowing garden so I have been doing lots of canning. There are some that I used a packaged mix for but if you want the recipes for the tart pickles (not labeled) or the pickled banana peppers just leave me a comment.

The Bruschetta in use, very yummy!!!

And I have decided to take part in Kelly at The Year of Less’s August challenge; no more dryer for us.

Like any challenge this one needed some prep work and I am happy to say the clothesline is up:

The liquid fabric softener has been made (check out Discount Queens for the recipe):

And the clothespin holder has been created:

I can’t wait for the decrease in the electric bill (why did I wait for a challenge to make it happen??).

Hope everyone is having a great summer and getting a lot more rain than we are.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Amy good for you! When we must or decide we should take note of areas where we can DO WITH LESS it's remarkable the things you discover. We take so much of our ABUNDANCE & CONVENIENCEs for granted. A few years ago we realized we were doing laundry multiple /several days each week simply out of habit..when our house was fuller [with kids] we were in the habit of DAILY RUNNING LOADS OF WASH [and dryer of course] Now the normal routine in one day each week for washing [and drying] laundry. We also trimmed $100 off our utility bill each month by watching the thermostat...meticulously. If we are comfortable at 79 degrees [summertime/Alabama] then we will test ourselves by turning the thermostat up one degree..same in winter we will turn it down one degree at the time..and often find we are still comfortable...the result was a mnthly savings of $100 AND we try to wash more often in COLD WATER. Another thing: I rarely ever buy the expensive household cleaner products - I use A GENERIC WINDOW/GLASS CLEANER as an all purpose cleaner for kitchen-counters, stove, fridge, stainless surfaces and also in the bathroom FOR GLASS TOO NATURALLY.thank you for encouraging others in this way.

    1. Thanks for your comment. We actually use a lot of the same tips you suggested. When it is over 100 outside 80 in the house feels good so there is no need to keep the temperature set lower than that.

  2. No problem, I know what you mean - I have way more Crafts To Make than I'll probably ever get to, and I spend way to much time reading blogs, but I like them so much!