Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tipsy Planter & Other Outdoor Changes

I have been slowly making changes to the great outdoors our yard over the past few weeks. My favorite change so far is the tipsy planter that was inspired by Pinterest, of course:

I was really bad about taking progress picture of the planter, but simple instructions are:
1) Acquire one large flower pot

2) And as many pots as you want your tower high one size smaller.

3) Spray paint pots.                

4) Hammer re-bar into the ground.

5) Thread pots onto the re-bar through the hole in the bottom.

6) Make sure the bottom pot is flat.

7) Angle the rest of the pots so that they balance on the edge of the pot below.

If you visit Wait Till Your Father GetsHome she does a great job of showing step by step how to make the planter. And her mad planter looks amazing too!!

I also got the side garden weeded and transplanted a few flowers, looking good now!

The after pictures were taken about three weeks ago so here are a few of the blooms that are showing now (and actually dying really fast this year):


I also updated the little rock path (the basement window is an emergency exit so I keep it cleared) with a little spray paint, just need to pick up some more dirt to fill it in.




Finally I created a path between the garage and the backyard fence, no before pictures but if you look at the far end of the path that is what the area looked like.


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  1. What a great before & after and I love your tipsy pots. I need to make some for my yard :)

  2. Oh I love those tipsy pots! You've been working hard and it looks GREAT!!


  3. I've been trying to spruce up my yard lately, and was so excited to see your tipsy pot tutorial on Craft O Maniac! I saw some that were for sale at a local nursery, but the cost was OUTRAGEOUS! I'll have to make my own, now!!! :) Would love to have you join in on my linky party & share some things with my readers... :) Have a blessed week!

    Your Newest Follower,

    1. Thanks for the comment and the invite! Going to check out your blog now!

  4. Very nice. I've seen this at garden shows, too. I'd like to do that also...thanks, Linda

    1. Thanks and glad I could help inspire someone else! There are lots of other ones floating around so you might find more designs to give you ideas.

  5. Was this inspired by my Herb Planter ? When I clicked on the pinterest link it just took me to the home page. If it is, I'm so happy that it inspired you :)


  6. Haha nevermind, I saw the link to the other planter! Too fun, though! I love this idea! :)

    1. Yours is great too! I never thought of putting the whole thing inside a larger pot, makes yours movable and mine is not... Well not without taking it all apart!

  7. Love the pots! Those are great :-) much to do from there!

  8. That's Lovely.. those pots look amazing! :)

    Thanks for sharing at C & I ! :)