Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Organization

This week was about gathering the loose piles and organizing them: a categorized “address book” and a design book.
If you happen to be like me you have a pile of business cards:

I’ll admit I hold on to them because I can’t always remember the name of the dentist/doctor/vet/ect and I am too lazy to go through the address book until I hit the right name (give me a break we’re military and the professional change every few years)!
Finally I created a solution to my problem: An “address book” by category! Much easier for my forgetful mind and no more piles of business cards!


Anyone who is remodeling their house probably has a collection of samples, pictures ripped from magazines, and other piles that seem to topple over when you walk by. To corral my mess I created a design book, all color coded and organized by room.



One color for “before” pictures, one color for “after” picture (still need to be added), one color for ideas, and one color for paint chips and fabric samples that are staying in the room. Now when I go to the hardware store I can just grab the book and go!

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  1. I like the design book idea. I made one of these with all the instruction manuals that came with out house and all the appliances that are in it. Very handy to have!


    1. Thanks! I have two with all my manuals in them too, it seems for every area I organize I gain a new binder!

  2. Great ideas! I just posted about my magazine clippings binder. Thanks for sharing.. I'm now looking forward to make a couple new binders :)

    1. Thanks! Love the magazine storage solution, if I had any subscriptions I would need this! Good think I only get the free one from the library occasionally!