Saturday, March 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home, Map Art

After seeing all the great map art on Pinterest, like this one here I was inspired to make my own. So here it is:

The states represent our home state of Vermont and where we have chosen to put down roots and raise our kids in Kansas (home of the Yellow House). 

The basic how to:
I cut scrapbook paper to fit in my printer so I could print the quote directly onto it and then pieced it to fit the frame size, but if you have better hand writing than me you would just need to cut the paper to fit your frame.
Then I printed out the maps I got from here: onto cardstock. After cutting them out I put them on the paper with lit sticky foam squares (have no idea what they are really called) so that they popped of the paper a bit.

Then insert into the frame and you’re done!

And being me I couldn't stop at just the one frame, I had to add to smaller ones with pictures of each state in them.

One last shot of them over the mantle (with extra space so I can add the other two states the military has sent us to):

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love how personal these are! Thanks for linking up @ Burlap & Denim!

  2. I love your finished product and how you added the extras on the side!