Friday, February 24, 2012

Glass Jar Makeover

Another great Pinterest inspired project coming your way! If you have been browsing around you may have seen this:
My inspiration

I decided to paint instead of using decals like the originals and while I like the aged and used look of the uneven lines, if you want a more modern perfect look I would go with the decals.

I used a printed template on the inside of the glass and then painted on the outside. After letting it set for a few days I baked it so it will survive washing.

And the finished results:

 Now I just need to get all the smaller ones done so I can clean up this mess:

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  1. Those are really nice. I wish I was crafty.

  2. super super cute! i would love for you to add this to my new link party... spreading the love. please go check it out if you are interested!
    {love} lauryn @ love notes by lauryn

  3. Which makes me think . . . I have a set of glass jar canisters I bought aout 35 years ago that I still use. But, I also have 3 additional jars. Why have I never thought to label them too? I'm painting this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. Great! Please let me know if you decide to share them online, I would love to see another interpretation!