Saturday, February 4, 2012

Covering it Up

After browsing around the net for a pattern to make a sewing machine cover and not finding anything I liked I decided to create my own. It ended up being very easy and you could alter it to fit whatever you want to cover up!
Step 1: Measure the height and length of the object
Step 2: Using the measurements cut out a paper template (making sure to add an extra inch or so for seem allowances). I used a half inch seam allowance on all sides, so I added an inch to each measurement (and rounded corners are also optional, I just like the way they look).

Step 3: Then measure the width of your object and around three of the four sides of your template, this will be for the strip that connects the sides of your cover. (Shown on the right side of the picture above).

Step 4: Using the larger paper template cut out two pieces of fabric and then an additional two pieces for the inside. For the strip only two pieces of fabric are needed. (I added interfacing to give it more stability, but it’s optional).

Step 5: Place two of each of the larger pieces together back sides of the fabric facing each other. I quilted random designs to hold the pieces together, but you could just pin them together and continue on with the next step.

Step 6: Hem the bottoms of the two larger pieces and the two shorter ends of the long strip. You can wait until the end to hem, but I prefer to do it before I put everything together.
Left Side Hemmed
Step 7: Line up and pin one of the long sides of the strip to the three sides of one big piece that you measured earlier, front sides of the fabric facing. Sew the two pieces together.

Blue stitching was part of the earlier quilting
Step 8: Repeat step 7 attaching the other long side of the strip to the other big piece.

Step 9: Turn right side out and use.

Side note: try not to get distracted when putting your pieces together or you may end up with one of the inside pieces facing out like I did. Since my wonderful son told me it “looks neat that way” I decided not to rip it out and do it over.

 Questions and comments are always welcome!


  1. I love this! Haha mistakes add character :p

  2. Great job! I'd love to have you link it up to my party at Thanks for sharing!