Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hide and Seek?

Tackling what I have dubbed “the big garden” was the hardest and most time consuming. It has also been my biggest accomplishment so far and it’s not even done yet! Too many years (yes it was only two) of neglect and a forest grew, yet somewhere in there was a garden and a pond. So, who wants to play hide and seek? That’s right there really is a pond in there, can you find it?

Big Garden Before

Since the first thing I wanted to find was the pond I won’t make you wait very long to learn its location. In fact if you scrolled far enough you could see the answer the same time as the question! See that little bit of brick peeking out on the right hand side? Yup, that’s the pond!

Here’s a closer picture:

And the final result:

Big difference, but that's only one corner of the disaster that became a garden. As inspiring as seeing that corner was I decided to tackle the opposite corner next. So, I trimmed the lilac bush and moved on from there.

After clearing out the rest of the mess I decided that what was really needed was a path right through the middle and lucky me since I finished at the end of summer garden things were on sale!

And the final (until spring at least) before and after comparison: 

Not much color yet, but I did leave pink peonies, white flowering chive (I think), and pink daises. I also transplanted and purchased lots of lilies, society garlic (or maybe it's Lily of the Nile), tulips, and crocuses, in different colors. Hoping for lots of color come spring!

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  1. Your garden is looking beautiful! When the spring comes and everything starts blooming I am sure it will be breathtaking! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Initial Art Canvas. So glad I could help! I hope you give it a try. It is really easy and they turn out great! I hope you have a great day!