Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heading out front...

Back to the yard for one last time before spring, or maybe if it keeps staying in the 60’s I’ll get more work done before spring even gets here! I didn’t think to get closer pictures of the gardens in the front of the house before I got started, so here are the best of before:

Like I said not the best before pictures, but I promise the after pictures make up for it! There were thick, almost bush like yellow flowers growing in front of the entire house (the green in the corner of the brick paths in the above picture) and as pretty as there were when blooming they look like dead shrubs when not in bloom and they grow like weeds, so what I did leave this time around will be gone before next fall.The front hasn't gotten as much love as the backyard yet, but a bunch of weeds and trees were removed and the edging put back around the beds. We actually started on the shade corner (I say "we" because my daughter B helped with the picking and planting of flowers) where the emergency exit for the basement bedroom is. No before pictures, but if you looked at the previous posts about the backyard you get idea of how overgrown everything was. Actually, on the right side of the after picture is how the whole area looked, it was cleared out after the picture was taken.

Slightly hard to see, but we laid in stones for a pathway from the window.
A closer view
 I, sadly, can't remember the names of all the plants we picked, but the white and green plant in the back is called Lily Turf and it has beautiful purple flowers when in bloom. The orange lily was there to begin with as well as all the irises and crocus in front of the house. In front all I have done so far is remove weeds and tie back the big plants.

This last picture is the front side of the corner of the brick path in the "before" pictures and this coming year it will actually be going away. We are going to plant grass seed and replace that section of the brick path with a few large flagstones. Then I will have to work on beside the front porch, since it won’t be hidden anymore!

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