Sunday, January 1, 2012

The great outdoors

            After two years of being ignored the outside of our house was showing much neglect and the hail storm that came through two weeks after our move-in didn’t help matters, so the next few blogs will focus on the great outdoors, well our yard anyway. The realtor’s listing touted a pond and private patio in the backyard, but when we looked at the house I determined that it must have been an error as we didn’t find either; we found weeds and saplings, lots of them.  

Backyard, east side

             The picture above is the general area yard improvements started in. Not a very good before picture I’ll admit, but if you look beyond the shed you can see all the overgrowth. It went all the way around to the shed; no one would believe that there was anything planned there. 

Clematis, pretty sure its a Bees Jubilee variety

Yet the trellis with beautiful climbing flowers on it told me there must have been.


And after much weed removal, digging up volunteer trees (otherwise known as weed trees, but volunteer sounds so much nicer), and stone replacing I was proven right and rewarded with a “private patio”. Yes, the mess on the left side of the picture is what the whole area looked like before. I’m still not sure what we are going to do with it now, since the view from this spot is nothing more than the side of the house…

Next on to the “it will be a veggie garden” area. I don’t have any aspirations of growing all our own food, but nothing is better than a fresh from the garden tomato or pepper. It, like the rest of the yard began as a weed bed and ended much better than it started even if it is still in progress. And this time it was not mom doing all the work, since I enlisted both kids to help with the manual labor!


 I think this may have at one point been an annual garden, but all I was able to find in the weeds was a few crocus bulbs, so really not sure. Because it is close and convenient to the kitchen I decided it was where the few veggies we are going to grow will go. The area at the far left will eventually be for strawberries, but that's another post (after we finally get to work on it).


We got a late start to the growing season so not much got planted this year, just a few peas and lettuce, but still lookin' good! The icing on the cake: Mr Yellow House has decided that come spring raised beds will fill this space!

 After all that hard work I guess the Yellow House kids must not hate me too much, since I still got love from them!

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