Friday, January 6, 2012

For the love of reusing… and Pinterest

            Taking a short break from the yard make-over tour this post. First off if you don’t have a Pinterest account go get one, I mean right now!! I'll even send you an invite if ya want! It's a great source of ideas, inspirations, and how-tos. While I was browsing through all the incredible pictures I came across this one:


Hey wait I’ve seen that before; it’s the top of my bookcase! 

If you’re like me and have lots of used candles lying around and short of using each one for a few minutes you have no use for them, but you just can’t throw them away there is a solution. Thanks to easy directions by Kara at Happy Go Lucky I was able to bring new life to my “leftovers” and I’ll let you in on the secret too.

 All you need is to pick a few of your candles with scents or colors that you like together, add a wick and a pot of boiling water. Rather than purchase new wicks I decided to pick up a votive in one of the scents I was already going to use and cut the wax off the wick (Yankee candle votives are the perfect size wick for the company's small tumblers). I used Autumn Leaves, Farmer’s Market, and Red Apple Wreath, so my before collection looked like this:         

I put the wax I chopped off the wick in the jar of the same scent and then after bringing my pot of water to a low boil I put one jar in to melt the wax. The amount of time it takes depends on how much wax you’re melting, mine took 15-20 minutes. After one jar was melted I poured it into the new jar w/wick, then melted the next old candle, the amount of time it takes to melt was enough for the previous layer to slightly harden so the two layers didn’t mix.

First Layer

Second Layer, please excuse the kitchen clutter

So, a quick recap:
1.      You need: leftover candles, new container, and a wick
2.      Place wick in new container
3.      Melt candles in boiling water
4.      Pour in melted wax
5.      Let harden between layers
6.      Repeat steps 3-5 for as many layers as you want
7.      Enjoy finished results 


Mr Yellow House says there’s not enough color difference, but it sure smells good!

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