Saturday, December 31, 2011

And so we begin...

Welcome to the Yellow House on 3rd

Our home sweet home

            In May we purchased our first home and while the previous owners did a beautiful job of fixing up this old house it won’t be quite ours until we make a few changes. And there is only so much white or beige a person can take. Since we are not a family with unlimited funds so there will be a lot of DIY involved to make changes happen and that’s fine with us, nothing like rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty to really make it feel like yours!

The kitchen

An example of the detailed woodwork


Lots of large windows throughout the house
            However, as much as we would love to do nothing more than fix everything to our liking life won’t wait, so there will be plenty of the rest of our lives mixed in here; projects, crafts, food, fun,  just your “not always normal” everyday life. Two parents, two teenagers, two cats, two dogs, and a handful of fish: what could go wrong??  So again, welcome and hopefully you will find something in our journey to inspire you!